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Fun smoke

Smoke, in pubs, res­taur­ants & clubs is abso­lutely awful. However as a designer it may be neces­sary at times to recre­ate it. And lucky me, Joen of Noscope has just the way to do so in a very fun way!


This is my first attempt at the method, and it’s not too shabby, is it! So many thanks to Joen for shar­ing his wis­dom with me (and you).

On a related note, you should check out his pro­jects and port­fo­lio — I hear he’s avail­able for design work and I know he’s very good.

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One Response to “Fun smoke”

  1. Joen says:

    Wow that’s far bet­ter smoke than I ever man­aged to cre­ate. Impressive.

    Oh, and thanks so much for the kind work-related com­ment, I appre­ci­ate that.

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