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Refreshed Candy

Just a quick note to com­mem­or­ate a design refresh of this site. Have been look­ing for ways to cre­ate seper­ate atten­tion for main text and the side­bar. Can’t say I haven’t been inspired by Jon Hicks (and oth­ers) who has also just imple­men­ted a differing-colour-main-part-with-border on his site. Kept the main nav in the middle, to add ugli­ness give the design a quirky edge. If I have time to put the search­bar up top the nav may be able to move over to the left.

You’ll notice the logo is a lot smal­ler. What can I say? My cream ran out, plain and simple. I’m much hap­pier with it, now it’s smal­ler. I’ve still to update the logos for the inspir­a­tion square.

The side­bar still suf­fers from mixed header styles head­ers have been updated too. Haven’t man­aged to add any other col­ours to the red & gold col­our scheme yet though!

Make sure you visit my (on site!) Tumblr page. An upcom­ing post will describe how I man­aged to cre­ate internal links to the con­tent there — the “latest inter­est­ing stuff” links in the side­bar are gen­er­ated on the fly.

Of course, if you find any quirks, let me know.

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3 Responses to “Refreshed Candy”

  1. Joen says:

    I like it.

    You cer­tainly have a style, car­a­mel and clas­sic. Which you execute well. Thumbs up!

  2. Matt Robin says:

    Opportunity to include dan­cing girls and pretty details have been over­looked on this occa­sion (sadly!).… ;)

    It’s still a nice site though. Well done.

  3. Thanks! My next design should be one where I use as many col­ours as possible :)

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